World Energy Outlook

Investment Costs

Power generation

Unit investment costs, power plant efficiencies and other operational parameters in the power generation sector are based on a review of the latest country data available. Investment costs represent over-night costs for all technologies. For renewable energy technologies and for power plants fitted with Carbon, Capture and Storage (CCS), the projected investment costs are based on assumed technology learning rates and the level of deployment in each scenario. 

Energy efficiency in end-uses

A comprehensive review of the costs of reducing energy consumption for various technology options in transport, buildings and industry was conducted for the World Energy Investment Outlook 2014. Datasets for the different end-use sectors were peer-reviewed by reviewers from industry and the scientific community. The analysis was updated accordingly in order to reflect the most recent state of research. For the purpose of the World Energy Investment Outlook 2014, energy efficiency investment is defined as the additional expenditure made to improve the performance of the energy-using equipment above the average efficiency level in 2012