World Energy Outlook

Webinars on the World Energy Outlook 2016

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Webinar:   The Outlook for Oil, Natural Gas and Coal


D‌ate: 6 December 2016

Speakers: Tim Gould, Christophe McGlade, Johannes Trüby  

The hour-long discussion covered the outlook for oil, natural gas and coal. How are these fuels adjusting to today’s market conditions? What are the risks that might lie ahead, from under-investment in essential supply to stranded assets?

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Webinar: The Outlook for Renewable Energy

D‌ate: 8 December 201‌6

Speakers: Laura Cozzi, Marco Baroni, Brent Wanner, Stéphanie Bouckaert.

This webinar focused on the central pillar of the low-carbon transition, renewable energy. What opportunities and challenges does a rising share of renewable energy open up for the energy system as a whole? What does the rise of wind and solar mean for the design and operation of power markets? What role can renewable energy play in the provision of heat and mobility? 

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