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World Energy Outlook

3 June 2014, NASDAQ

A top energy watchdog said the world will need more Middle Eastern oil in the next decade, as the current U.S. boom wanes. But the International Energy Agency warned that Persian Gulf producers may still fail to fill the gap, risking higher oil prices.

3 June 2014, India Times

The IEA urged for new forms of investment to be exploited, and suggested that institutional investors, such as pension funds and insurers, could be vital as a source of long-term funds. It also predicted that oil investment would shift towards the Middle East as non-OPEC supplies run out, and that gas prices around the world should converge given the boom in investment.

3 June 2014, CNBC

Countries must invest nearly $50 trillion to meet the world's energy needs over the next 21 years, the International Energy Agency (IEA) reported on Tuesday.

3 June 2014, The Telegraph

World needs $48 trillion of investment by 2035 to keep the lights on says IEA

3 June 2014, Reuters

The world will need to invest $40 trillion in energy supply and $8 trillion on energy efficiency by 2035 to meet growing demand and falling output from mature sources of energy, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said in a report.

3 June 2014, Bloomberg

Energy Supply Requires $40 Trillion Investment to 2035, IEA Says

3 June 2014, CNN Money

The lights could be going out across Europe unless it finds a way to stimulate massive new investment in energy infrastructure. That's the stark warning contained in a new study by the International Energy Agency

3 June 2014, New York Times

Enormous amounts of capital investment — up to $2.5 trillion a year — will be needed to supply the world’s energy needs through 2035, according to a report released Monday by the International Energy Agency, the intergovernmental organization based in Paris.

3 June 2014, Platts

IEA warns of tighter oil markets if Middle East investment fails to pick up

3 June 2014, Balkans Business News

Meeting the world’s growing need for energy will require more than $48 trillion in investment over the period to 2035, according to a special report on investment released today by the International Energy Agency (IEA) as part of the World Energy Outlook series.